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October 30, 2009

Friday links (10/30)

It’s the last links of the week, so let’s not waste any time and get right to them:

  • Little Rock, Ark., running back Michael Dyer‘s commitment to Auburn sounds all but official according to this report at VYPE.com. He’s going to announce next Friday. But what does that really mean for the five-star recruit? Check out this passage:
  • Dyer, who broke the state’s all-time rushing record last week, has ranked Auburn at the top of his list since last summer. However, the 5-foot-9, 205-pounder said he still plans take official visits to Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee and LSU following the season. He will also visit Auburn, rounding out his five official visits. “If a coach wants me to come on a visit, I will,” Dyer said. “I’m going to commit to Auburn, but the recruiting process will continue.”
  • ESPN’s Wright Thompson has a lengthy piece about former LSU Hall of Famer Billy Cannon, who hit his high with a Halloween punt return for a touchdown against Ole Miss 50 years ago and his low many years later he was convicted in a money counterfeiting ring.
  • Jack-o-lantern: Auburn quarterback Chris Todd could use a light going off in his head, and for that matter, so could the entire Auburn offense after a brutal last three weeks. The Tigers started the season as one of the most balanced offenses in the league. They’ve looked like one of the worst during their three-game losing streak.”
  • Dave Kindred writes that gambling has no place in sports or in a newspaper. Pardon me, but this is just a dumb argument. The vast betting system set up in this country actually prevents shady dealings behind the scenes. If something’s afoot in a game (say, too many bettors are waging on one side), Vegas knows it and exposes it. Take that away and it pushes it back into the shadows, where nobody knows what’s going on. And that could lead to the competitive integrity of sports being challenged. And to say point spreads shouldn’t be in a newspaper is just one more example of newspapers being out of touch with what their readers want. It’s information. People want to know it. It should be in there. End of rant.

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  1. …..I watched the whole UNA vs. Valdosta State game on CBS Thursday a week ago, to catch up on how Terry Bowden was doing.

    …..The game was a sad mismatch. Terry evidently took a solid nucleus of D-II players, and infused them with a dozen or so former/disgraced/failed D-I players like Mico McSwain. UNA was at a different level, athletically, than Valdosta St. Kudos to Bowden for winning games, but I'd hate to be riding herd on that bunch. I'd imagine it be tough to keep 'em in line!

    …..Offensively, UNA was just about all shotgun, vertical stem routes. Run the defense off the ball, and hit crossing routes. There were about 3 underneath receivers Valdosta St. had no chance of running with. The UNA defense was blitz-happy, and really shut down the run and collapsed the pocket. I think the final score was something like 61-30.

    Comment by Acid Reign — October 30, 2009 @ 5:01 pm

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