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September 25, 2011

Recapping Gene Chizik’s teleconference

Gene Chizik had his weekly teleconference today. Here’s a quick version of what he had to say:

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  • “It was pretty much what I saw last night, post-game. I feel like offensively we didn’t play well at all. Defensively I feel like we played better in some areas.”
  • Better defensive things: three turnovers, turned one into a score, slight improvement on third downs. “Overall, at least I think there was some improvement there.”
  • “Offensively, I feel like we struggled for pretty much the whole night.”
  • Among the offensive problems: pass protection, wide receiver drops. Said things were “below-average.”
  • USCe coach Steve Spurrier called his offense “putrid” against Vanderbilt. Chizik refrained from commenting: “I’m not going to comment on adjectives.” (Yes, he actually said that.)
  • “Right now there are not a lot of options other than us getting better every week.”
  • Chizik said guys who didn’t play were out because they were injured. That includes Chris Davis, Jonathan Evans, Dee Ford, John Sullen. Said it will be “day-by-day” with all of them.
  • Onterio McCalebb and Trovon Reed (shoulder) are in that same boat.
  • Auburn did a good job of containing USC RB Marcus Lattimore last year: “It’s hard to contain him, as we know. But last year is last year and this year is this year.”
  • On Jermaine Whitehead: “He’s been a bright spot.” Likes that he can play nickel, corner, special teams.
  • Said Whitehead is working in direction of being more physical. “He’s very aggressive and doesn’t shy away from contact.”
  • On how big of a step the defense made: “I don’t think any question it was a step in the right direction. It wasn’t a step backward from the last time they were on the field.”
  • Said Auburn could have had two more picks on the night. Were in the right position.
  • Chizik called the tackling better. “When our guys put themselves in bad positioning is when you’re seeing bad tackles.” Said the ones they missed yesterday was when they took bad angles. “Definitely better but not where we want it to be.”
  • On the defense: “They worked their butt of last week. They took it to heart and worked to be a better defense last week.”
  • Was it DE Corey Lemonier‘s best game? “Not even close, yes.  First time in four games I’ve seen him look like he should look.”
  • On LaDarius Owens: “It’s been a slow process for him. … I thought he showed some flashes of being a better football player than he was a month ago. This is hopefully a little bit of a confidence boost of him.”
  • On how the o-line issues affect the offense: “We haven’t done anything different than what we’ve done the last three years.”
  • Said Auburn will continue to rotate on the d-line. “As physical and brutal as the next five weeks can physically be, there’s really going to be no option there.”
  • Barring an injury situation, will any of the freshmen play who haven’t played this year? Chizik said off the top of his head, probably no.
  • Is o-line the biggest concern? Chizik said consistency is. “It’s not one group over another group. It’s inconsistency in a lot of parts of the offense.”
  • The bubble screen hasn’t been too successful this year. “I think there’s multiple things.” Said bad passes, drops, people not blocking on the perimeter have been problems. Said it goes back to the consistency issues.
  • “It’s not rocket science to us. It’s not rocket science to Gus (Malzahn). Got to block better. Got to catch balls better.”
  • Still of the mindset that Mike Dyer should get more carries.
  • Texas A&M is in the conference. “It’ll be a great addition.”

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  1. Gene doesn’t comment on adjectives or injuries. ;)

    Comment by Tex — September 25, 2011 @ 8:14 pm

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