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October 23, 2011

The day after: Gene Chizik teleconference

Photo by Todd Van Emst

Gene Chizik held his weekly teleconference late this afternoon. Here are the highlights.

  • Chizik said the defense’s struggles early in the season have had no bearing on the offensive playcalling: “We have not gone conservative to aid the defense. If you really look at the big picture, it’s been for various reasons, in my opinion. We’ve had some changes on the offensive line that have occurred, along with changes in the wide receiver position, and that changes what you can do in terms of throwing the ball down the field.”
  • On the offense, Chizik said the blame goes all the way around: “We’re just not executing very well. And that’s not to pin anything on one position. There have been times when the offensive line has been good, and the receivers have dropped passes. There have been times when the receivers are open and the offensive line hasn’t blocked, and the running backs haven’t done a good job protecting. There have been times when the running backs haven’t made the right cut.”
  • Asked about his earlier statement that Auburn needed to have more time of possession, Chizik clarified what he meant: “Increasing the time of possession doesn’t mean you have to run the ball every down… It’s finding ways to make first downs and move the ball down the field.”
  • Chizik had something interesting to say about whether Kiehl Frazier’s role was holding back the offense. With Cam Newton, Chizik said, Auburn actually had a quarterback who could handle both Frazier’s Wildcat, zone-read offense and Moseley’s passing responsibilities. Other than Newton, though, Auburn has always had a throwing quarterback and somebody else to play the running role, a diversification of the responsibilities going back to Kodi Burns and Chris Todd.
  • On the way defenses play Auburn’s offense: “When you go against this offense, you’re not exactly sure what you’re going to get on game day, because there aren’t a lot of other offenses like this that you can look at film and see what they’re going to do. That’s the way it is with this offense, because it is somewhat unconventional.”
  • Emory Blake is in the same spot he was last week. Chizik said he has no idea if Blake will be able to contribute Saturday.
  • On Clint Moseley: “When we gave Clint time to throw, I felt like he made some throws. I felt like he made some throws when he didn’t have time.” Chizik also said Moseley is definitely Auburn’s starter against Ole Miss.
  • Nothing the coaches and players failed to mention on Saturday night, but Chizik pointed out that Auburn did a poor job of taking care of penalties, special-teams play, the things that Auburn has done well in wins this year.
  • Chizik said he’s not concerned about whether or not Auburn will face a hangover-type effect from the loss. “One of the things we’ve always done a good job of is moving on.”
  • On the offensive line: “A lot of improvement needed. Pass-protection wise, we gave up six sacks, and that’s not all on the offensive line, and that’s usually the case. Some of it’s on the running backs, some of it’s on the quarterback holding the ball too long, some of it is the offensive line not giving him a pocket to throw in.” Chizik said the current starting five will be the same.
  • Chizik on Trovon Reed: “It was big, it was good, but we have to get him more involved in the game this week.”
  • On Steven Clark: “I’m not sure why he wasn’t punting at the same level he has been the last couple of weeks. I don’t know why it unfolded. And obviously, our kick return team, that was the first time all year we were seemingly nonexistent.
  • Chizik said Auburn had no missed assignments in the secondary.
  • On how good LSU is right now, Chizik called it a very good team, very few weaknesses anywhere on the field.


  1. No missed assignments in the secondary??? Do we just give up long td passes ’cause we want to??

    Comment by JuscAUse — October 23, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

  2. Didn’t miss the assignment– just got beat.

    Comment by Tex — October 23, 2011 @ 10:00 pm

  3. At this point, we might as well leave Blake out till the UGA game to make sure he’s going to have a strong finish to the season. We should be able to beat Ole Miss without him, and if needed he can get a week off when we play Samford too. Obviously he’s too important to the offense not to have him full speed in the big games.

    Comment by postermom — October 24, 2011 @ 8:54 am

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