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July 11, 2012

Tre Mason says Kiehl Frazier is making big strides this summer

Photo by John Reed

Kiehl Frazier appeared to emerge from the spring as the frontrunner for Auburn’s starting quarterback job, but the coaching staff has been adamant that the race is still wide-open, presumably between Frazier and Moseley now that Zeke Pike has gone home for the summer.

But an interview with running back Tre Mason on Wednesday morning revealed that Frazier’s momentum has carried over to the summer.

“Kiehl has turned into a great quarterback,” Mason said. “He’s going back to his high school ways, how he dominated in high school, he’s dominating now, so I can’t wait to see what he does.”

Asked about Frazier’s leadership role, Mason said the sophomore’s demeanor has changed around the team. After being extremely quiet last year, Frazier has become much more vocal in workouts.

“He’s really getting on people for messing up,” Mason said. “He won’t just sit there and be quiet. He’ll let them know.”

Mason also mentioned Frazier as a captain, although the running back did not reveal who the team’s official captains are, saying instead that each position group has its own captain.

On the other hand, Mason did say that the team challenged Frazier to step up as a leader in the offseason, and the quarterback has responded.

“We told him that we won’t win unless he steps up as a team leader,” Mason said. “He’s really taken that in, getting really focused, doing what he has to do.”

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