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November 6, 2012

Gene Chizik quick quotes, Nov. 6

AUBURN, Ala. — I have elected to post quick Gene Chizik quotes. This not up for a vote. I approve this message.

On the Georgia Bulldogs: “It’s a very physical football team, both sides of the ball. Very talented. They have really been playing well of late.”

On how good it felt to lead a winning locker room: “There’s only one remedy to what was occurring week after week, and that was a win. It had been a while. Practice Sunday was very energetic. We’ve got a lot of guys in the halls watching film on their own. I think that will carry over.”

On spoiling Georgia’s SEC title aspirations: “We have been on the other side of that, and there is a lot of motivation. When you play in rivalry games like this that have been going on so long, it makes for a great game.”

On the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry: “Proximity, geographically, history. Our guys enjoy a chance to play in a 6 o’clock ESPN game. All those things together, we’re going to be very excited to play Saturday.”

On DC Brian VanGorder and DB coach Willie Martinez’s experience at Georgia: “Georgia’s changed some, but not that much. So those guys spending that much time there, I’m sure there’s things that are coming back that as you watch the film, they say, I remember that in practice. It can’t hurt you any. But yeah, they know that too. It’s a little bit both ways. It’s probably a push.”

On Georgia’s defense: “Defensively, they’re very multiple. They have their 3-4 stance. They’ve got a huge defensive line. Their corners, when they decide to play man coverage, they’re very good schematically.”

On Georgia’s running game: “The two young running backs are very explosive and they balance each other well.”

On Jarvis Jones: “You start by always trying to find out where he’s at. He’s definitely a tackle-for-loss hazard, whether it’s sacks or the running game. He’s just a very physical player that’s made .”

On what he knew of Jones coming out of high school: “I thought we was a physical, good-looking specimen. I watched enough film on him to know he had a chance to be. Him coming back and transferring from USC and being this productive, I’m sure the people who were around him for 3 years aren’t surprised.”

On the speed of the game to Jonathan Wallace, from New Mexico State to Georgia: “It’s night and day. It’s going to be a completely different issue. That’s what we’re preparing him for. He’ll study it. The speed and intensity with which they blitz and pressure and move around will be completely different from last week.”

On Philip Lutzenkirchen (stand by for much more on this): “Just a solid guy. He’s always around the team. Very positive, upbeat guy. One of the first we recruited when he got here … He’s a very selfless guy. That’s what going to make him very successful. It’s never really been about him.”

On Jonathan Wallace: “He won’t go out there be fearful in any way, shape or form.”

On Aaron Murray, vs. Ole Miss: “He made plays, and so did his receivers. He’s a very efficient quarterback, and they’re all on the same page. Even with Marlon Brown out, Malcolm Mitchell and some other guys, they’re very synchronized.”

On rivalry games: “If you grow up as a little kid wanting to play college football, these are the games you dream of playing. Very similar schools.”

On the youth movement around the SEC: “This is a bit of a unique year, from the running backs at Georgia to the quarterback at Texas A&M, young guys have come in and played very, very well. It goes back to the quality of recruiting in this league.”

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