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November 28, 2012

Report: Charlie Strong might be in contact with Auburn reps, denies talks to SI, Yahoo

AUBURN, Ala. — The interview process for Auburn’s next head football coach has begun with Charlie Strong, according to the Birmingham News.

Louisville’s head coach of the past three years, Strong, 52, has spent 21 years as an assistant in the SEC, including 2002-09 as Florida’s defensive coordinator. The News reported Wednesday night it was told by an unnamed sourced an Auburn representative has contacted Strong within the past two days, which might have been over the phone.

Sports Illustrated reporter Pete Thamel tweeted Wednesday night following the report, “Just spoke to Charlie Strong. He’s angry. He says he did not interview at Auburn and has not spoken to them. ‘It’s not true.'” Later, Yahoo! Sports columnist Pat Forde tweeted, “Charlie Strong, just now: ‘I didn’t interview with Auburn, I have a job.'”

The Cardinals (9-2) play at Rutgers Thursday night on ESPN at 7:30 ET. Louisville announced earlier Wednesday it will move from the Big East to the ACC in 2014. Athletic director Tom Jurich has said in recent months he will financially support Strong, currently making a $2.3 million salary, whatever he needs to stay at the school. Six of the highest-paid coaches entering this year in college football belong to the SEC.

Strong is 23-15 since 2010 at Louisville, and previously spent time at South Carolina, Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

Gene Chizik was fired Sunday after four years at Auburn.

1 Comment

  1. I am not connected in any way Aaron, so I have no idea what the truth could be here — some nitwit leaking information that should be kept private to prevent Mr. Strong from remaining in the hunt for this job, or the Birmingham News printing something from some goober who doesn’t know squat.

    What I can say for sure from mere observation over the last few years is that Pete Thamel and Pat Forde are absolute a——s who have had it in for Auburn for some reason or another for several years. Anything they report should be given zero credibility. How they manage to retain jobs (and, in Thamel’s case, continue to fail/fall upward) is beyond me. At some point someone needs to sue those pricks for libel on behalf of the Auburn family.

    Comment by TennesseeTiger — November 29, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

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