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December 13, 2012

Brenner: Back in Mac

A few words come to mind when a Geek Squad associate tells me, “Sorry, Mr. Brenner, your MacBook Pro hard drive has failed completely without warning. You’re covered under warranty, but we’ll need to ship out the computer to our service center. See you in two weeks. Hope you didn’t need to be on your A-game during a coaching search.”

Nightmare. Panic. Desperation. (I can’t and won’t print, um, other options.)

A few words come to mind when I wake up six days later, fire up my ancient Sony Vaio and see an unexpected e-mail notification: “Congratulations! Your item has been repaired and is ready for pickup at your local Best Buy help desk.”

Elation. Relief. Disbelief. And “What’s the catch?”

Fifteen days, they quoted me. Six days, it was. No strings attached on the quality of service (at least none I’ve yet to discover).

Wouldn’t that be nice if that’s how life worked all the time? Like, in any conceivable situation?

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be landing in about five hours.” 45 minutes later, “Welcome to New York LaGuardia Airport. The local time is …”

“All right, just sit back and relax for 30 minutes while I clean your teeth.” 90 seconds later, “Looking good! Go ahead and see Amber to schedule your next appointment.”

“Oh, honey, thanks for bringing me to see High School Musical 3 while wearing a pink tank top and racquetball shorts in this freezing-cold theater for the next three hours.” 3 minutes later, //roll credits//

And, of course, the inverse …

“Welcome to Royal Caribbean, your cruising headquarters for the next week!” Six weeks later, “Uhhhhh … we’re lost. Somewhere around the Phillippines. We think. Eh, don’t worry yourself about it. Please sustain partying.”

The overriding point is, I’m happy to have my regular technology back. Happier than Cuban Pete at a brass band festival. (See, Geico, I can make up ridiculous situations too.)

It was an amazing commentary on the increasing dependence we have on our stuff. That’s a given, in my chosen field of work, but truly, I couldn’t have gotten through it without my iPhone and my iPad and my iPad and a large supply of iPatience.

Ironic I had my most cherished non-sentimental possession (except my car and maybe my phone) crap out on me a few days after Brady Quinn stepped up to a podium, emotional after his Chiefs beat Cam Newton and the Panthers in the wake of Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide, and insisted people spend less time conversing with friends/family and less time staring at Facebook and Twitter.

Strictly from a beat writer’s perspective, I apologize to you guys for not being as timely with blogs, tweets, updates, and other correspondence this week. My ol’ Vaio got me through the week – barely – but didn’t work as quickly as I would have liked. You never realize how important certain tools are in your everyday work until they’re taken from you, even for a pleasantly short time.

But hey, that’s life. Sometimes we need a few days to just deal with it to appreciate what we’ve got every day.

And now I’m back at full strength. I’ve been paroled from computer jail. Ready for a solid few weeks of football, recruiting and basketball reports leading into Christmas and New Year’s.

Thanks, as always, for reading.



  1. …..That’s especially miraculous considering that it’s the Geek Squad. They were complaint regulars on the TheConsumerist.com a few years ago. I can’t talk. I bought a new camera at the big Blue Box this fall, because they had a killer price.

    …..The cool thing these days is that if your computer crashes, and you’ve got your docs stored in the cloud, you can get by on a tablet or phone and bluetooth keyboard. It’s not fun, but at least you can type stuff up, and reference old stuff.

    Comment by Acid Reign — December 13, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

  2. basketball? I thought this was an Auburn website. Whose basketball team are you going to be reporting on?

    Comment by Todd Jordan — December 13, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

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