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February 3, 2013

Fan blog: Who wins the Super Bowl today?

AUBURN, Ala. – It’s trendy to collect an assortment of Super Bowl picks from the masses. ESPN’s experts and SI’s celebrities have been doing it for years.

But to be honest, who really cares what Ryen Russillo, Jackson Rathbone or Sherri Shepherd think? (You’ve never even heard of at least two of those three people, have you?)

I care what you think. Because I am, if nobody else, a man of the people. (To quoth anonymously: Sorry, people.)

I’ve tallied the votes, coming in from friends around the country, fellow Auburn beat writers, and you the Twitterverse. The results are in:

Baltimore 31, San Francisco 28.

No, not the final score. That’s how the voting came in.

That’s, like, a crazy close margin.

So, maybe that is our final score? Yeah, let’s go with that.

A little more specifically, here’s how the groups broke down:

Twitter followers: 53 percent say Ravens

Friends around the USA: 57 percent say Ravens

Auburn media: 58 percent say 49ers 

For the curious, here’s an assortment of some short explanations why he or she believes Carlos Rogers (49ers) or Josh Bynes (Ravens) will be fitted for a ring after today. Enjoy the game, everybody, and don’t forget the onion dip.

From Twitter

Futmundial ‏@Akotero

don’t like the 49ers but I’m taking them 31-14. Execution of their offense keeps D guessing. Defensively solid

Futmundial ‏@Akotero

Los 49ers 34-28 porque ejecutan su ofensiva muy buen y tienen defensa muy fuerte y pegan duro. Dont ask me in Japanese or French WE

Matt Bishop ‏@JMattBishop

Ravens B/C you can’t grab a deer by the antlers and hold on to him. lol WDE

Alex  ‏@getbuckets4

Ravens, they have so much heart right now they can’t lose and ray wont lose his last game

Danny DePlanche ‏@uslfcfan

49ers. 1. They don’t lose Superbowls. 2. Read option will be very hard to defend. 3. Niners def too strong for Ravens.

Joe Theriault ‏@Joe706

49ers. The just seem to have the it factor with Kap. Ravens can only live so long on the Ray retiring high.

Mark Rittman ‏@HartselleTiger

Ravens Al Pacino, “I don’t know what to say really. Three minutes till the biggest battle of our professional lives.”….

Thomas Dodson ‏@Auburn1977

49ers due to Falcon effect. Knock Falcons out of playoffs, win Super Bowl.

DWoods ‏@buckmstr7399

27-17 49ers. I think the threat of Kaepernick running keeps Ravens LB’s close to LOS, and Davis has a BIG game.

Jerry shaddrix ‏@Jsauchamps30

niners. 31-17, they have to much overall team speed. To many ways they can beat u..

James Dailey @James_Dailey

Ravens, 24-17. They just started clicking at the right time.

Pranjal Gupta @mrpranjy

Fifty minus oners win, kaepernick is god, excited about the commercials #wareagle

Scott M. Brannan Art @ScottMBrannan

Um….I inadvertently wore purple to church. Shirt and socks. Here’s my sign. #Ravens 27-20 #SuperBowl

From Brenner’s friends 

Gerald S., Colorado: I pick the Ravens because Michael Oher protects “The Blind Side”.

Dennis R., New Jersey: Baltimore 21-20. The Ravens have had too many big wins this post-season to blow it now. Besides, San Fran already has the Giants.

Andrew P., Iowa: 49ers — Two Mizzou grads and two stellar defenders in Justin and Aldon Smith. They graduated a decade apart and shut teams down together (when healthy).

Derek Z., Chicago: Ravens 27, 49ers 24. Talent-wise, the 9ers have the edge. I just can’t pick against Ray Lewis. He’s going to find a way to win his last game, somehow.

Zach S., Los Angeles: Give me the Ravens. They are playing better than they have all year, and as we’ve seen recently (2007 Giants, 2010 Packers, 2011 Giants), it’s often the hottest team, and not necessarily the best team, that wins it all. Flacco is playing out of his mind, and if it’s close at the end … I don’t want to be the guy relying on David Akers. Ravens 28, 49ers 23.

Ben B., Indiana (a displaced SF fan): I’m picking the Niners, though I don’t feel good about it. And I don’t feel good about it because I feel like I should feel great about it, and that worries me. I look at the Ravens and see a team where the scouting report on the QB is “Make him read the defense”, the RB is worse than last year and still underused and the receivers are all inconsistent (though at times deadly), with a defense that had been down overall. Even their really good defensive day against the Pats yielded 428 yards (though 5.2 yards per play is not bad). The Niners have a creative run game, a multi-threat QB with rocket arm and a D that has yet to show it’s best in the postseason, plus a REALLY smart coach. Twice now SF has had crappy starts and it didn’t matter. But everything looking roses worries me and makes me think I’ll have to eat my words.

Margaret R., New York: I would like to root for Baltimore, since we have a family member who lives there, but I just can’t do it.  I can’t justify that team having a player who is getting remarkable press, far too much TV coverage and sympathy(?) … when other team members and coaches deserve the accolades.  Therefore, I will sit at home, scream at the TV, and hope that the 49er’s take the trophy.  I think the score will be high – 35 – 32.

Maisa S., Iowa (a displaced SF fan): My Super Bowl pick is, of course, Niner’s!! I have told everyone from the beginning of this season we were going to the Super Bowl. We’ve made it and we’re going to win it!!!

Kori R., Baltimore (guess who she roots for): “Because if we win the Super Bowl … Ray Lewis is going to go to the 50-yard line of the Superdome … kneel down … and then he’s gonna ascend into heaven!”

Doug G., Illinois: I’ll take the Ravens because there is no team I hate more than the 49ers. Make up your mind, are you a number or a word? And the gold on the helmet is just flat out arrogance.

Jason G., Iowa: 49ers, Because Colin Kaepernick has muscles.

Mason H., Colorado: 49ers are the obvious choice, but I still cannot believe Baltimore beat Denver and New England, and for that, I got the Ravens to win one for ol’ Ray Ray. Although, 49ers could easily win with the gameplan of flashing their headlights at the Ravens Linebackers.  Would stop Lewis and Suggs in their tracks with all that deer antler blood in em.

David B., Colorado (dad): Hmmm,  I’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks, doing my best impression of a person who doesn’t give a “rat’s ass ,  ahhh, deer’s antlers”!!  And now that I’m requested to make a pick, I’ll go with the Ravens.  Just seems like the low seeds find a way recently in the commercial bowl!!!  You know where they play football between the $5 million dollar 30 second spots!!

Sue B., Colorado (mom): I am rooting for a very exciting Beyoncé concert and creative advertisements worthy of $4 million per ½ minute.  I may even fast-forward through the football game, which will be interrupting my entertainment factor! If I must vote for my favorite team, I’d like to see Baltimore go all the way, since those dirty birds knocked out my beloved Broncos.

Pat M., Wisconsin: I like the 49ers to be this years Super Bowl champions and send Pete Carroll into an offseason frenzy of what could have been.

Mae D., Alabama: Ravens. Ray Lewis doesn’t need an explanation.

Ryan J., Illinois: 49ers 34, Ravens 20. As much as it pains me personally to see another team pass the Cowboys in Super Bowl titles, San Francisco just doesn’t lose in this game. Montana, Young, Kaepernick…doesn’t matter. It’s fate. And there’s nothing false prophet Ray Lewis can do about it. 

From Auburn media

Joel Erickson, Birmingham News (@joelaericksonau): San Francisco 24, Baltimore 20. The ‘Niners have done a good job of building a Ravens-like defense in the NFC, but I like San Francisco’s offense to score just a few more points.

Justin Lee, The Corner News (@AubOrange) Baltimore 35-30. Because they got the good Harbaugh

Jason Galloway, Opelika-Auburn News (@OANewsPreps): Ravens 24, 49ers 19.
Although I believe the 49ers are the better team, this just seems like the Ravens’ time. It’s Joe Flacco’s time (never thought I’d say that). Baltimore’s defense is playing far better these playoffs than the two teams San Francisco has beaten, and I think the Ravens will be able to contain the 49ers’ running game just well enough to win.

Kevin Price, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (@lesports): Ravens 27-21. San Francisco has the best talent of any team in the league, but it just seems like this is the Ravens’ year.

Aaron Brenner, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (@wareagleextra): Ravens 31, 49ers 28. Like a few others, including my editor, I agree San Francisco has more overall skill in all three phases than the Ravens. But you know what? So did the Broncos. So did the Patriots. Sometimes, it’s just meant to be. I’m the only person in America who’s indifferent toward Ray Lewis – seriously, I don’t have a real opinion either way – but prepare for Lewis to integrate himself as perhaps the most accomplished defensive player ever to play the game. (Oh, and those Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Torrey Smith chaps will make their names known as well.)


1 Comment

  1. The 49er’s will make a great comeback but will be screwed late by a pass interference no call that will cost them the winning TD.

    I could have cared less who won the game but when I saw that official screw them out of the Super Bowl I was angry for them.

    Comment by joesmoe — February 4, 2013 @ 9:34 am

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