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June 28, 2013

Auburn releases its plans for more parking and tailgating

auburn parking

From staff reports

Auburn University unveiled a new parking and tailgating plan Friday.

In a letter from athletic director Jay Jacobs to fans, he said that a result of changes made that a “net gain of 2,000 parking spots and more tailgating space around campus for the 2013 football season.”

“One of our five goals for the Auburn Athletics Department is to provide the best gameday experience possible,” Jacobs wrote. “… The results of our annual football gameday surveys have made it clear that tailgating, parking and the accessibility of campus rank high on your list.”

Fans will have a number of options from free parking and tailgating to tailgating packages that will be sold for a fee.

“A number of fans told us they want pre-paid parking or tailgating packages so they can enjoy a hassle-free, guaranteed space on gameday, so that option was increased as well,” Jacobs said. “The changes we are implementing for the 2013 season are just the start. This is the beginning of our efforts to improve the gameday experience, not the end.”

Here is a look at some of the changes announced in Jacobs’ letter:

South Donahue Corridor

Over the past few years, parking and tailgating on South Donahue Drive between South College and Samford Avenue has been limited to protect the pedestrian path and to ensure efficient traffic flow. We have worked with the university administration to adjust the plan for that area so it still accomplishes those goals while also opening up more free parking.

The temporary green stakes that line both sides of South Donahue during the fall will be moved or eliminated. The stakes on the western side of the street will be removed to allow fans to park on the grass above the curb. The stakes on the eastern side of the street will remain but will be pushed farther away from the curb to protect the pedestrian path while also creating ample space for additional parking. (Available at 4 p.m. on Friday).

A new lot previously not available to fans will also be opened on the north end of the Donahue Drive hayfields, adjacent to Lem Morrison Drive. Additional parking will also be opened up on Lem Morrison near its intersection with Duncan Drive as a construction laydown area is converted to parking and tailgating space.

Weagle Woods

Thanks to the cooperation of Dean James P. Shepard and the School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, a new free tailgating area will be opened up behind the Forestry & Wildlife building at the corner of South Donahue and Lem Morrison Drive.

The School of Forestry has partially cleared a wooded area there for a longleaf pine tree reforestation project. “Weagle Woods” will offer tailgaters a prime location among the pine trees just a short walk from Jordan-Hare Stadium. (Available at 4 p.m. Friday.)

West Samford Avenue

A small area of green space on West Samford Avenue near the intersection of Duncan Drive will also be opened up for free parking and tailgating. Permanent pipe and chain barriers along that portion of West Samford will be removed. (Available at 4 p.m. Friday).

Additional parking will also be available immediately south of the Old Track on West Samford Avenue, where temporary stakes put in place for the fall in recent years will be removed. (Available at 4 p.m. Friday).

Intramural Fields

A limited number of free parking spots not previously available to fans will be available in the Intramural Fieldhouse parking lot on Biggio Drive.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Division of Student Affairs, approximately 70 new tailgating spots will also be offered on the perimeter of the Intramural Fields. The reserved spots will be offered free of charge. We will provide more information about reserving these spots in early August.

As has been the case in past years, the area around the Intramural Fields is an RV-free zone.

Facilities Division Area

Additional free parking will be available at the Facilities Division off of West Samford Avenue. Fans can “quick park” their vehicles there, and shuttle service will be available to and from the stadium. A tailgate drop-off area will also be added at the Facilities Division, giving fans a place to drop off their tailgating supplies.

More free parking and tailgating space farther out West Samford Avenue will also allow fans to park and tailgate in that area. Additional free RV spots will be available on the south side of Samford Avenue where RVs have traditionally parked. (Available at 4 p.m. Friday)

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