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July 18, 2013

SEC Media Days, Day 2 Leftovers: Quotes from Auburn’s player representatives

BY RYAN BLACK | rblack@ledger-enquirer.com


HOOVER, Ala. — Auburn players Dee Ford, Jay Prosch and Chris Davis met with assembled media members on Day 2 of SEC Media Days at the Wynfrey Hotel.

Senior fullback Jay Prosch joined defensive teammates Dee Ford and Chris Davis at SEC Media Days on Wednesday in Hoover, Ala.

Senior fullback Jay Prosch joined defensive teammates Dee Ford and Chris Davis as Auburn’s player representatives at SEC Media Days on Wednesday in Hoover, Ala.

The following is a roundup of some of the trio’s quotes:

Jay Prosch, Senior Fullback

On the team morale since Gus Malzahn arrived:

“It was completely different as soon as Coach Malzahn came. It was a new attitude. He started a fire in everyone; it’s really exciting.”

On being named spring ball MVP:

“It means a lot. It really defines me as a player and everything that I work for, and everything I do is to get an honor like that and for the Coach to say something like that about you.”

On not having a set starting quarterback:

“It’s kinda hard for receivers with timing with different players, but the four guys we’re looking at now, we support them and work with them now.”

On how things are different after his mom passed away:

“Transferring in, I wasn’t really close to any particular guys. I was only close to them through football. Then when that happened- when they say ‘AU family’ they mean it- everyone had my back supporting me, and it created a bond I didn’t have before. I really feel like those are my brothers out there.”

On having a passing game in the SEC:

“It’s extremely critical; you have to have a double threat. You can’t just have a run game. You can’t just have a pass game. You have to have both.”

On the new atmosphere in the locker room:

“Bringing in the new staff brings in a new attitude for all the players. It has really sparked us. The guys came out with fire and intensity to work hard in practice; it went viral. It’s really good to see and exciting.”

Dee Ford, Senior Defensive End

On preseason expectations with new coach Gus Malzahn:

“As much winning as we are destined for. If you put in the work during the week, there’s no telling how much winning there can be. The difference in this year’s team is we have the same guys but more mentally tough and mature.”

On what happened last year at LSU:

“Confidence. I believe as a football player, when you put in tons of work- and work doesn’t start in fall camp it starts way back in the spring semester- to not get the results you want, you definitely lose confidence. Clemson and LSU were two of my best games last year, and I think I played differently in the second half because of confidence.”

On bonding as a team:

That’s what we’re doing now at workouts. Everything we do is team-oriented. Every workout we do, every movement we do, it’s almost like a military-thing, but it’s not. It’s football. Any one player mess up, we understand. Anything you do, you’ll be held accountable.”

On whether he’s having fun during the offseason:

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in summer workouts. I’ve definitely changed my whole body without even knowing it. I feel like I’m working without even working because I’m having fun, but of course I’m a workout junky.”

On the changes in the defense:

“Strength and conditioning that we’ve gone through- our bodies have changed. We have more guys that are able to contribute that didn’t contribute last year. We have a lot of guys that are ready to turn it on.”

On what he picks up when he watches film of Auburn and other teams:

“I look at what works and what doesn’t work. I evaluate from the worst pass rushers to the best and the mistakes they made. It’s really not about the players. It’s about what they’ve done. I’m looking at their actions. What are they doing, why aren’t they doing it, and just try to help teach them if I know it’s something I know doesn’t work.”

Chris Davis, Senior Cornerback

On the improvement in the team since the end of last year:

“We made no improvements; we’re just ready to get back into the season and take it one game, one day, one practice at a time and see where that takes us.”

On the team’s up-tempo offense:

“It is keeping us in shape, but with Coach Malzahn being here before, we’re kinda used to it. We knew what he would bring to the table, but yeah, we’re more in shape.”

On regaining confidence:

“You develop confidence in practice. You keep doing something until you get it right. It’s like chemistry; everything’s gotta be clicking for confidence to come back, and leadership’s gotta be there.”

Frustration with Alabama winning championships:

“I wouldn’t say it’s frustrating. I’d say it is what it is. It’s a new day. That’s in the past; this upcoming season will tell it all.”

On seeing so many fans at the spring game:

“It was very inspiring because during the season when we’re down you see some of the fans leaving the game, but they say they’re back on the ‘Gus Bus,’ and we all are, and seeing those fans brings back hope to the players and fans.”

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  1. I HATE when fans leave early, unless our team is up 60-0. It’s somewhere between rude and a betrayal. No matter how disgusted you are, support the players.

    Comment by Nancy Cooper — July 19, 2013 @ 10:44 am

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