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August 10, 2013

Auburn notes: Tim Horton Quote Roundup

BY RYAN BLACK | rblack@ledger-enquirer.com

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AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn assistant coach Tim Horton met with media members on Friday at Jordan-Hare Stadium immediately following the Tigers’ picture day.

The following is a roundup of some of the running back coach’s quotes:

Running backs coach Tim Horton met with reporters on Friday and discussed how the position is coming along since started last week. (File photo)

Running backs coach Tim Horton met with reporters on Friday and discussed how the position is coming along since fall camp began. (File photo)

On his general thoughts of the position since fall camp began:

“We’ve been pleased. There are probably five guys that we’ve narrowed it down to. We’ve got the three that were here in the spring (Tre Mason, Cameron Artis-Payne and Corey Grant) and then we’ve got the two freshmen (Johnathan Ford and Peyton Barber), and it’s a good group. It’s a real good group. There are certain skill sets that some have better than others, but we’re just trying to find the skills that fit best in our offense.”

On how this backfield compares to those he’s had at previous coaching stops:

“I feel like we’ve got five, maybe six (players) we can put out there on the field and be competitive and get the job done. And that’s maybe a little bit more depth than I’ve been used to. But at the same time, one thing about playing running back in this league is (that) you never have enough depth, because about the time you’re feeling pretty good — ‘Hey, we’ve got four or five guys’ — the next thing you know, two of them are gone and you have no depth. You’re trying to move a defensive player over there.”

On how the depth chart is shaping up:

“I think we’re starting to figure out and define their roles a little more. I think ideally, in a perfect world, we’d like to have two or three guys that we can hand the ball to and (find) where they fit best in the offense. I think we’re doing that right now. I really have a pretty clear understanding of what it is. Now, we’ll see it against Washington State, I hope, but we’re starting to narrow down who’s going to get the carries and what plays they maybe do better.”

On whether he prefers a bellwether back or a varied group:

“I think we’re OK with multiple guys. I don’t necessarily see us having a ’30-carry a game’ guy. I just don’t know. Now it could end up that way. I just don’t see that.”

On whether he has set a cutoff date to name a starter:

“Not really. I think the one thing that is so important is that you’ve always got to be trying to develop those young kids, because you’re just one injury away. So I think it’s really important for our two freshman — Johnathan Ford and Peyton Barber — to get some reps during this time because they’re both good players, and we’re still trying to define what their roles will be on this team and how significant a role (that) will be this year.”

On Barber’s progress:

“Barber’s doing well. He’s a good player. He runs hard, he’s got a certain amount of toughness to him. He’s going to have a good future here. And I think the next 10 days will be important for him. Is he going to get redshirted? Is he one that we’re going to try to get carries to? Just defining what his role will actually be will get determined here in the next two weeks.”

On how Barber and Ford have acclimated to college:

“They’ve really both done well. They’re both good students of the game. They like the game, they like football and they’ve worked at it. So I’ve been real pleased with their attitudes and their efforts. And if they’ve got a good attitude and they’ve got good effort, then we can work with them from there.”

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