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August 24, 2013

4 at 4: Just the links, ma’am

BY RYAN BLACK | rblack@ledger-enquirer.com

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AUBURN, Ala. — No fluff with this afternoon’s links, folks.graphics4

Yes, sometimes I turn the link-heavy pieces into longer articles, interspersing my thoughts between nearly every item.  There’s no reason to do that here; you got enough of that in my “7 at 7″ this morning. Besides, the longest feature since I began working for the Ledger-Enquirer last month will be posted here later this evening. It’s a story I’m sure many will be interested in. For now, my lips are sealed. Don’t want to give away too much, you know.

(And before we move on to the links, I hope some of you appreciated the “Dragnet” reference in the headline. If not … well, shame on you.)

1. Not much news on the Auburn beat today (not surprising since we’re on Day 2 of no media availability), so instead we turn to the most high-profile Tiger in the NFL, Cam Newton. His Carolina Panthers are doing fine this preseason if judged solely on the win-loss record: The team is 2-1. It’s the first-team offense — led by Newton — that is struggling to get off the ground, writes Judy Battista of NFL.com. Carolina’s first-string offense has scored only one touchdown on 14 possessions in its three preseason contests.

2. Elsewhere in the sporting world, former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson revealed he has had a sobriety slip and that he’s “on the verge of dying because I’m a vicious alcoholic.”

3. I only wish I was making this story up: Robert G. Kaiser, an associate editor of The Washington Post and the paper’s managing editor from 1991-98, admitted the esteemed publication dropped the ball on the day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Kaiser explains below.

“In that paper of Aug. 29, 1963, The Post published two dozen stories about the march. Every one missed the importance of King’s address. The words “I have a dream” appeared in only one, a wrap-up of the day’s rhetoric on Page A15 — in the fifth paragraph. We also printed brief excerpts from the speeches, but the three paragraphs chosen from King’s speech did not include “I have a dream.”

An incredible oversight by one the nation’s top newspapers. I’m still shocked even though I’ve gone back and read the story multiple times.

4. It’s item No. 4, so you know I’m linking to another classic Auburn football clip courtesy of Mr. Scott Scroggins, master statistician in Auburn’s athletic department. His number today was seven — as in, the days remaining until the Tigers begin the 2013 season and the number of consecutive games Joe Cribbs rushed for 100 or more yards in 1978, which still stands as a school record.

Check out some of Cribbs’ highlights below.